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In this article, we would like to talk about the gearbox bracket and tell you what the gearbox bracket is and what it does.

?What is a gearbox

The side of the gearbox is often known as the back of the gearbox in repair shops, and in the articles, this part is also called the PTO, which stands for Power Take Off. The function of the gearbox side can generally be said to be that this piece of power is transferred from the gearbox to the outside of the gearbox so that other parts can be started.

A power take-off (PTO) transfers the mechanical power of the engine to another part of the equipment, which causes power to move throughout the equipment to transfer energy, even if it is not the engine itself. The gearbox arm transfers power from the gearbox to the pump. In such a way that after being engaged, the PTU interface is transferred to the speed increaser and provides the required speed of the pump at the required level. Finally, the created cycle is transferred to the pump and the pump starts working. Each car has its own PTO according to its specifications. This product can be used for cars and trucks or heavy machinery. The gearbox is often used in heavy road construction vehicles. Authentic and authentic brands transmit the power generated in the car engine to other parts of the car such as hydraulic pumps and rotary systems. Therefore, its existence seems necessary for heavy machines. After all, the clutch part in the car also helps the clutch function.

Next to the Nissan gearbox

?How does the gearbox work

The side part of the gearbox receives the movement from the gearbox and transfers it to the outside. Next, in order to achieve a complete movement, it must also use 2 other parts called the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor, so that at the end it has a circular or linear movement to start a device. The set of tasks that the PTO can do will result in a rotational motion in the vehicle. In this way, when the PTO is engaged, the part of the gears inside the gearbox moves and causes rotational movements in the output shaft in this device. After that, the transmission of power through the shaft connection to a hydraulic pump using fluid power causes the cycle to flow.

Behind the gearbox of Nissan

?What are the positive points of the Nissan gearbox

Nissan Adaptive Slip Control has important advantages. Below, I mention some of the positive points of this technology

Improved traction and control

By adjusting the torque of the engine in the condition of slipping and cooling, the Nissan gearbox improves traction and control of the car. This means more compression between the wheels and the road surface, which improves the car's performance in harsh conditions and adverse weather conditions.

Slip reduction

By dynamically adjusting engine torque, Nissan's transmission clutch helps reduce wheel slip and increase driving control. This improvement increases driving safety in difficult conditions such as rainy days, snowy days and adverse weather.

Optimizing gearbox performance

The Nissan gearbox arm improves the gearbox performance by changing the engine torque and improving traction. This means facilitating gear changes and increasing the efficiency of the gearbox system.

Improve driving ability in difficult conditions

With the ability to improve traction and reduce slippage, Nissan's transmission clutch allows drivers to have better control of their vehicle in difficult conditions such as snowy roads, hilly streets and adverse weather conditions.

Nissan hydraulic gearbox side

How to install the Nissan gearbox

In this section, we will describe the necessary steps to install the Nissan gearbox side in full and detail.

  • Car preparation

  • Micro switch with gold contacts is used for low voltage and low current operation. From the micro switch with silver contacts for higher voltage and higher current applications, first you need to check the car carefully and make sure that the old transmission bracket is removed properly. To do this, use the appropriate tools to completely separate the transmission bracket from the engine. Then, using nuts and bolts, connect the new transmission bracket to the engine. Make sure all parts are properly and securely attached.

  • Gearbox side settings

  • After installing the new transmission bracket, some adjustments are needed. Using the necessary tools, place the pressure gauge on the transmission arm and set the correct pressure. Also, check the parts and make sure there are no damaged or missing pipes. If there is any problem, replace the defective part.

  • Testing and troubleshooting

  • After completing the installation and configuration procedures, now is the time to test the gearbox side. Start the car engine and make sure that the gearbox is working properly. If you see any defects, you can find and repair them using the necessary tools.

  • Movement adjustment nut (range screw):

  • The travel adjuster nut used to adjust the push switch setting point is also called a set screw. This is done in the range of the spring by changing the amount of compression. If the board spring is further compressed by the travel adjustment nut, the pressure switch set point will be high.

Behind the Nissan hydraulic gearbox

The price of the Nissan gearbox

The price of the gearbox side differs depending on whether it is Turkish or Iranian, and this price difference can also be seen in different brands, and another thing worth mentioning is that the foreign side of the gearbox and pumps have a higher price than the Iranian model. They don't have any warranty, and please note that if you buy a pump or a foreign gearbox from somewhere and there is a brochure or a label stating that the part is under warranty, that warranty is invalid.

Nissan p.t.o

Where to buy the gearbox arm

Choosing and deciding to buy is one of our daily and regular tasks and it is definitely these choices that make us. If you decide to buy spare parts, remember that if you have a trusted acquaintance, you must consult him for the purchase of spare parts and car parts. Otherwise, you need a reliable center to buy spare parts that can give you the satisfaction and security of quality, because in some cases it has been observed that the materials that are used for the customer are of good quality at a minimum price. It does not have and it is somehow of poor quality. Also, the price of these parts is unbelievably the same as a high-quality and first-class sample. The side of the gearbox or the back of the gearbox is not an exception to this rule and requires careful selection. Choosing the right gearbox clutch requires knowledge of its proper operation, clearly, our gearbox clutch works properly when it reaches its mechanical goals.

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