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What is a solenoid valve?

Electric valve is a device that is designed in the control circuit so that we can control the flow or non-flow of liquids and gases. Electrical valve is prepared and manufactured in different sizes and uses, and we command it to open and close using timers, micro switches and other control circuit elements that we have. A bobbin has a bobbin and a metal body, which is a coil with high magnetic properties. Magnetic field with excitation coiling, created and by applying force to A piston or an armature changes.

Blaine hydraulic valve, Blain electric valve

Application of electric valve

Solenoid valves are used for motors that work with fluid and air and control the flow rate in systems.

This type, although also in:

• Washing machines
• Gas boilers
• Hydraulic pumps
• Industrial and automatic sprinkler system
•Oil and gas and petrochemical industries
• Air conditioning system

Solenoid Valves Solenoid valves can be customized for specific applications and To control different fluids like

• Air
• gas
• Steam
• Oil
be used

Blain hydraulic valve, Blain electric valve

Types of electric valves

Electric valves for applications such as Hydraulic jacks and pneumatic as well as fluid passage are used in the industry. electrical valves have different types, among them are servo electric valves that open and close permanently according to the operation of the circuit and the need of that moment.

In direct current electric valves, which have two models NO and NC, which are normally open or normally closed and change state by stimulating the coil with energization. give That is, if they are open, they will be closed and if they are closed, they will be opened.

In another type of electric valve which is called indirect electric valve or pilot. In these electric valves, the pressure from the valve inlet is used to keep the valve closed, and a large volume can be passed with less energy.

hydraulic valve, Blain electric

Solenoid valve components

Solenoid valves are used in many facilities. Some of the applications of the electric valve are as follows:

  • Solenoid or coil
  • Coil
  • Core
  • Solenoid valve body
  • valve inlet
  • Valve outlet
  • Solenoid valve metal rod
  • the frame
  • spring

Hydraulic lifting solenoid valve

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