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Introduction of hydraulic jack or hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic jack   They are tools  that hydraulic force  to mechanical force  In the hydraulic circuit  Converted, that they can  Hydraulic energy  manufactured by hydraulic pump convert into linear or angular motion with the help of a cylinder, which are a very important part of the machine's hydraulic system and are often exposed to extreme loads and operating conditions. The diameter of the cylinder is the most important factor determining the force of the cylinder..

Types of hydraulic jacks, types of hydraulic jacks, hydraulic cylinders

?How does a hydraulic cylinder work

The structure of all types of jacks

Structurally, hydraulic jacks are a tube inside which there is a pistonpiston with a rod. Piston and cylinder tube are the main components of the structure. The movement of the piston occurs due to the increase in the pressure of the working fluid. Jacks are also different in construction and are used in different dimensions and types, one-way and two-way in the market..

Structure of hydraulic jack, manual hydraulic jack, hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack structure

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Hydraulic jacks manufactured by Turk Hydraulic Company

  • Hydraulic lifting jack
  • Double hydraulic jack
  • Telescopic hydraulic jack
  • One-way hydraulic jack
  • Reel hydraulic jack
  • Double shaft hydraulic jack
  • Spring return hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack function

The operation of a hydraulic jack is shown in the figure below. For the piston rod to move forward, the fluid flow must be directed to the connection of the closed cap of the hydraulic jack. In order for the piston rod to move forward, it is also necessary to drain the fluid inside the hydraulic jack through the cap connection and direct it to the hydraulic tank. For the piston to move backward, the fluid flow from the pump must be directed to the connection of the front cover, and the fluid inside the cylinder must be removed from the connection of the rear cover and directed to the hydraulic tank. As shown in the figure below, the surface of the piston moves forward. The rear is lower than the piston surface when moving forward. Because the area of the piston rod is subtracted from the effective area of the piston. For this reason, the force will be greater in forward movement than in backward movement.

The operation of a hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack function

Jack flange from the front

hydraulic jacks The front flange is able to apply force in both directions, which means that by applying pressure to either side piston in a jack , the force is created in that direction. Each hydraulic jack consists of a body, end caps, piston and piston rod. Applying fluid pressure to each side of the piston causes the piston to move to one side inside the body of the hydraulic jack. The piston rod that comes out from the end of the hydraulic jack transfers the power to the output mechanism of the system. The fluid is directed into the hydraulic jack through the connections installed on the opening of the covers.
The size of a hydraulic jack usually indicates the internal diameter of the jack body. Inside Cover Piston rod guide, sealing rings, seals and bearings are also installed. The sealing ring is necessary to create enough pressure in the jack. Bearings are necessary to restrain the lateral force to the piston rod and the dust collector ring to prevent contamination from entering the hydraulic jack. The sealing and dust collector rings are usually rubber. Bearings are usually made of soft metals such as bronze, hard plastic or composite. The internal surface of the jack and the surface of the piston rod must be completely polished to prevent wear and tear and damage to the sealing rings.

Custom hydraulic jack, hydraulic jack, hydraulic cylinder Custom hydraulic jacks, hydraulic jack prices, hydraulic cylinders Hydraulic jack, types of hydraulic jack, hydraulic jack

Functions of hydraulic jack, large hydraulic jack, one-way hydraulic jack

Construction of a hydraulic jack

One-way hydraulic jack

This type of jack is the most common type of hydraulic jack. Of course, in industrial equipment, different types of jacks are used. The single-action jack applies force in only one direction and when the fluid pressure is cut off, it automatically returns to its initial state. Hydraulic jack can be of tension or compression type. In a pressure hydraulic jack, the jack applies force when moving forward, and as soon as the pressure is removed from the cylinder, it will automatically move back. Hydraulic jack is a traction tool that applies force when moving backwards and will automatically move forward as soon as the pressure is removed from it. The return movement in a single-action hydraulic jack may be done by an internal spring, or an external weight. can be In this type of jacks, the opening of the front cover, the opening of the fluid pressure and the opening of the rear cap open to the open air. By removing the fluid pressure, the jack will automatically move forward and the fluid entered into the jack will be discharged to the hydraulic tank.

Customized hydraulic jack, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic jack, two-way hydraulic jack  Hydraulic cylinder, customized hydraulic jacks, purchase of hydraulic jacks Hydraulic jacks, types of hydraulic jacks, hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinder power

Hydraulic cylinders ،The fluid flow from the pump will move linearly piston (and why) they convert. The movement of the piston rod does mechanical work by moving a load. If something resists the movement of the piston. The pressure must increase in the cylinder so much that the resulting force overcomes the resistance factor. If the maximum pressure of a system is not enough to overcome the load, the cylinder will not be able to move and no movement will occur despite the force. When the piston can move the load by applying force, it can be said that power has been transferred.

Uses of hydraulic jack

In general, hydraulic jacks can be used to lift, lower, move and lock. For example, they are used in cranes, hoists, tools, forklifts, road construction equipment, mining and agricultural equipment, elevators, dump trucks or even in airplanes..

Hydraulic jack

The advantages of using a hydraulic lift jack

Using elevator hydraulic jack in the design and installation of the elevator in the building reduces the space required for the well by 12%.
Elevators that use hydraulic jacks, compared to traction elevators, do not need a motor room, and the required dimensions are somewhat smaller than the traction type for installation.
For places with limited well drilling, double and two-stage hydraulic jacks are a suitable option. This type of hydraulic jack is assembled as a separate shaft and piston at the installation site.

Using a jack in a hydraulic lift

Hydraulic elevators have different types and can be equipped with one or two jacks directly or indirectly. The basis of the operation of these types of elevators is the pressure and flow of hydraulic oil, and the flow control valve is responsible for regulating and adjusting the oil flow for the desired movement of the elevator. Heavy, industrial cargo elevators, special systems, etc. often work with hydraulic mechanisms. The main characteristics of the hydraulic system define their application. These types of elevators are suitable for handling height and low to medium speed, and almost unlimited load capacity. Most of the home elevators are implemented in buildings and villas with two or three floors with a hydraulic system. Also, most car lifts and super heavy lifts operate using hydraulic mechanisms.

Hydraulic lift straight jack

If the elevator jack is directly connected to the cabin (yoke or carsling), it is called a direct jack hydraulic elevator. In this case, the towing wire or chain and, accordingly, the pulley or chain wheel have been removed.

Indirect hydraulic lift jack

In indirect jack hydraulic elevators, the jack is connected to the cabin by a towing wire. In this conventional alcove, a plate is installed on the jack. The towing wires are fixed to the support on one side, they are attached to the car sling from the other side.

Lift jack from below

Hydraulic lift jack from below is one of the types of lift with direct jack. In this model, the elevator is installed with a jack under the cabin. Installing the hydraulic system in this way requires the presence of a jack hole under the elevator shaft. This cavity should be well insulated against the penetration of water and corrosive substances.

Customized hydraulic jack, hydraulic cylinder, telescopic jack, elevator jack from below
Customized hydraulic jack, hydraulic cylinder, telescopic jack, hydraulic jack

Telescopic jack under the elevator

In many cases, the system for installing the jack system from directly below will be associated with limitations in providing the jack hole. In this situation, one of the common solutions is to use telescopic jacks. Telescopic jacks can be used in two stages and three stages. Telescopic jack is much shorter than the displacement course of the cylinder, and this makes the jack hole require less height.

Indirect lift jack

Hydraulic lift with side jack can be installed directly and indirectly. The side jack lift is also called side jack lift in the popular term. The most common system in this case is the indirect side jack with a 1:2 movement ratio. Most of the passenger hydraulic elevators, home elevators and hoists, and small cargo elevators are of the jack type on the indirect side. The biggest advantage of this model is the use of a jack with a movement course of half the length of the track.

Customized hydraulic jack, hydraulic cylinder, telescopic jack, two-way hydraulic jack
Hydraulic lift with two indirect side jacks, hydraulic cylinder, telescopic jack, side hydraulic lift

Hydraulic lift with two indirect side jacks

The double jack system or two jacks in addition to the indirect one is a suitable solution for heavy lifts with a relatively high moving height. For example, one of the applications of this method is a 3 to 4-stop car lift. This method can also be used in places where it is not possible to have a jack well.

Straight side jack in hydraulic lift

The hydraulic system with straight side jack is a very suitable solution for installing low-height elevators. For example, a hydraulic home elevator with two work stations can be implemented well with a straight side jack system.

Customized hydraulic jack, hydraulic lift with straight side jack, telescopic jack, two-way hydraulic jack
Customized hydraulic jack, hydraulic lift with straight side jack, telescopic jack, two-way hydraulic jack

Telescopic straight side jack in hydraulic lift

One of the limitations of the jack system is the long length of the jack compared to the height of the elevator shaft. One of the appropriate solutions in this situation is to use a telescopic jack. Two-stage or three-stage telescopic jack can be placed directly next to the cabin.

Two straight side jacks in the hydraulic lift

This elevator model is mostly used in situations where the load capacity is heavy and it is not possible to provide a jack hole. Some car lifts, industrial and heavy lifts are implemented with this model. Of course, there should be enough space at the top of the well to install the jack at high altitudes.

Customized hydraulic jack, two straight side jacks in hydraulic elevator, telescopic jack, two-way hydraulic jack
Customized hydraulic jack, telescopic jack in hydraulic lift, telescopic jack, two-way hydraulic lift

Two telescopic jacks in the hydraulic lift

To solve the problem of the jack height in the double jack hydraulic lift model, there is a telescopic jack solution. As mentioned, telescopic jacks occupy less space in height and can be installed in two stages or three stages.

Telescopic hydraulic jack

Each layer of telescopic cylinders is a steel shell that is placed in the shell of the previous layer. Telescopic jack shown in the picture below is a three-story cylinder. Of course, the standard types of these cylinders have up to five floors. One of the uses of telescopic jack is to lift the load part of dump trucks. The length of this cylinder when opened should be large enough to deflect the load part of the truck by 60-70 degrees, and also in the closed state, it should be short enough to easily fit horizontally under the load part. Telescopic cylinders are available in two types, single-acting and double-acting. Telescopic double cylinders cannot produce significant force in the backward movement, because the effective area of the piston in the front of the cylinder is too small. Telescopic cylinders are more expensive than standard cylinders due to their complex structure. The double cylinder with double rod is a type of double hydraulic cylinder whose piston rod is protruding from both sides. By connecting the rods piston, two different mechanical mechanisms can be used for each forward or backward movement, and therefore the efficiency of such cylinders in applications In particular, it is very good. Due to the double bearing in double rod cylinders, these cylinders can withstand more lateral loads.

Customized hydraulic jack, hydraulic cylinder, telescopic jack, two-way hydraulic jack Customized hydraulic jack, hydraulic cylinder, telescopic jack, two-way hydraulic jack Hydraulic jack, hydraulic cylinder, telescopic jack, two-way hydraulic jack

Hydraulic cylinder, large hydraulic cylinder, one-way hydraulic cylinder

Construction of a hydraulic jack

We have been making two-way hydraulic crack cylinders for various types based on customer's drawings for several years Hydraulic equipment And we produce different operating conditions. Our customers mostly order hydraulic jacks with special design. Our main priorities in work are high quality, reasonable price, stability and success of customers in realizing their projects. The success of our customers is also our success. Our experts can not only help you choose the right tool for your application, but also provide expert advice. Contact us for more information.

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